About Me

I am a Robotics Scientist (currently working only on open source projects), who came back to IT as a full time CRM Consultant. Previously worked on various robotics platform from Kuka and iRobot, for autonomous navigation and manipulation. My deep interest in machine learning & AI, influenced me to apply those concepts in to CRM systems and Salesforce currently being the best in line provides a good platform to apply my knowledge of AI in to CRM world.

I learnt Salesforce all by my self while exploring the technology in the project, reading online material and following several blogs and vlogs. No doubt at various occasions, I lost my grip on the subject by diving in to the vast ocean of online knowledge which is indeed frustrating. There is simply so much to read, understand, learn and absorb. With this blog, my idea is to answer simple things/questions which we as developers often fall in to and feel like trapped. I can not and will never claim that I know one technology from A to Z but I hope with this blog, we both could learn something new and help each other by sharing and correcting.